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Steve Garrigan: The Internal Battle

November 13, 2021
This week, Jarlath is joined by Kodaline frontman Steve Garrigan for a one of a kind conversation about his life and career. Steve speaks frankly about the painful shyness that dominated his early years and how his parents tried to help him. Later Jarlath asks about the devastating effects of tasting fame in your Leaving Cert year and how he wrote Kodaline's hit single High Hopes at a time when he felt like he had hit rock bottom.
From the hilarious accounts of his earliest roles as a Pokemon and making an absolute fool of himself in front of Tony Hawk (without whom Kodaline would not exist) as well as his sobering account of the terrifying panic attack he experienced at the age of 20 and much more, this is a fascinating conversation with one of Ireland's top musical talents.
Steve's book High Hopes is available in all good bookstores and the list of cognitive distortions that is referenced in the interview can be found here
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