An Irishman Abroad

The Riverdance Episode: Episode 309

August 17, 2019

Jarlath gets a rare glimpse into the real story of Riverdance and into the lives of its lead dancers. Across three separate
interviews with former world Irish dancing champions Amy-Mae Dolan and Bobby Hodges, and one of the show's original producers Julian Erksine, Jarlath delves into what it takes to lead the show that changed Ireland and what it took to create it. 

Hear the first hand accounts of the physical and emotional grind of performing at this level from two of the best dancers in the world today, the truth behind Michael Flatley‘s departure, the celebrities that turned down the chance to invest in the original show, exclusive news on plans to change the show to mark its 25th anniversary and the story of how the show first took America by storm.

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