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The Juror Who Could Gift Ghislaine A Retrial (Prince Andrew, Biden’s Track Record & More) - Irishman In America With Marion McKeone (Mini Pod)

January 14, 2022
How can one juror hand Ghislaine Maxwell a second chance when he doesn’t read the questionnaire he filled out before the trial? That’s the claim of Scotty David, the man who sat for weeks hear the case against the disgraced British heiress and failed to disclose his own history as a sexual assault victim. Marion McKeone explains what the Maxwell defence team could do next and how desperate the prosecution are getting. Meanwhile, Prince Andrew has run out of straws to clutch at. Time is running out and the family are turning their back on him. Developments in the case get the McKeone treatment before she moves on to President Biden’s feisty speech in Atlanta. Mitch McConnell slammed it faster than you can say “can I have my voting rights please”. Hear what Marion predicts will happen next in this revealing chapter in the Biden Presidency.
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Supplementary research provided by John Meagher.
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