An Irishman Abroad

Irishman Running Abroad With Sonia O’Sullivan: The Challenge & Explanation For Our New Series

August 26, 2020
Like so many of us, Jarlath is reluctant to go back to the gym and risk infection. He’d like to start running but he fears possible injuries, boredom and making a fool of himself in front of his neighbours. Who better than Sonia O’Sullivan to guide him and you on the journey towards getting out there, getting fit again and maybe running a marathon. If you ever wanted to start running, if you used to run or if you are a running devotee, you’re going to enjoy and Irishman Running Abroad, the brand new branch of Irishman Abroad with Irish sporting legend Sonia O’Sullivan.
Over the course of this new weekly series Sonia and Jarlath will dive into everything from the best running gadgetry to the fundamentals of form, the headspace for establishing a sustained practice to the most common mistakes everyone makes. Expect guests, recommended reading, insight into competing at the highest level and Sonia’s guidance on improving your times regardless of what they might be.
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