An Irishman Abroad

Stephen Bradley: Episode 320

November 2, 2019
Stephen Bradley's life in TV and Film production is a fascinating story in itself. Best known for the Christina Noble biopic Noble, he has worked in the industry since his teens. His battle with cancer is a truly incredible story of luck, love and perseverance in the face of the worst possible diagnosis. Today he speaks to Jarlath about that journey, his life and his new book that captures both in beautiful, riveting detail. 
Highlights of the episode include: Stephen describes watching Daniel Day Lewis' Oscar-winning performance on the set of My Left Foot (14:00), the true depth of a good producer's work (1:08:00), the heartbreaking tale of how  his film Wayfaring Strangers collapsed at the very last minute with Cillian Murphy ready to go (21:00), the challenge of returning to a creative space after illness (1:00:00), the projects that he didn't return to after cancer because his associations with them were too dark (1:13:00) and much more. 

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