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Irishman In America - Royal Obsession & The Grift That Keeps On Grifting (Part 1)

September 9, 2022
Slightly later than advertised, this week's Irishman In America is a barnstorming chat about America's inexplicable fascination with the Royal Family. No matter what President happened to be in office, they managed to screw up the etiquette while Liz was in town. Marion recalls the top 5 greatest Presidential gaffs of all time and wonders if secretly, a chunk of America would quite like to have their own Royal Family.
Grifter is as grifter does! Finally, at long last, Donald Trump's $250 million dollar grift to "stop the steal" is being fully investigated. But why did it take this long? What are the chances of it producing an actual conviction? Or is it like Conor McGregor's road traffic offences. "It's the small things that get ya!" Dr. Oz thinks incest is one of those small things. In the second half of our show only available on Patreon, Marion looks at a bizarre interview that has resurfaced and the tragic killing of the journalist Jeff German.
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