An Irishman Abroad

Ronan Raftery: Episode 279

January 19, 2019

With roles on screen in Fantastic Beasts, Mortal Engines and Moone Boy, and on stage in the National’s production of The Silver Tassie, Ronan Raftery is a star on the rise.  This week he joins Jarlath for a conversation about the sad, funny and terrifying moments from his life story so far.

With hilarious detail, Ronan explains his dislike for the drama school (24:00), how he once starved himself for 36 hours in preparation for just one scene (Patreon extended cut only) and what it’s like working a 12 hour day with Peter Jackson to film just 4 seconds of magic (57:00).

From competing to be the worst alter boy in school (13:00) to the ridiculously challenging role of his character in The Rook (53:00), being 33 in an industry that is obsessed with youth (67:00), a hilarious story involving Ronan Keating and some tea bags (1:11:00) and much more, this is a thoroughly enjoyable chat with a true gent of the entertainment industry.

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