An Irishman Abroad

Peter Breen: Episode 69

January 10, 2015

Today Peter Breen is the PRO for the International Cricket Council in Dubai. And while he was the public relations officer for Leinster Rugby during their journey from rags to riches, this is not strictly an episode about sport. Peter tells the story of how one of Ireland's most legendary sports teams grew from almost nothing to becoming a Goliath over the course of ten years due to hard graft and determination. From players getting togged out of the back of cars pitch side, to being one of the most dominant rugby clubs in the world this is a fascinating story of one of the lesser discussed areas within sports.

Aside from his career, as a nine year old boy Peter was one of the lucky survivors of the Hillsborough disaster and this week he discusses the events as they unfolded and how it changed his life forever.

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