An Irishman Abroad

Paul McGrath: Episode 170

December 18, 2016

Paul McGrath is, without a doubt, one of Ireland’s greatest sporting legends. This week he joined Jarlath to talk about is journey from Dublin to Manchester United. No stone is left unturned as Paul opens up about the demons he has faced throughout his entire life. 

Paul also explains how being the ‘black sheep’ at Manchester United saw him start out as an outsider but eventually find a kindred spirit in a 16 year old Norman Whiteside (12:00). We get a rare glimpse into a chapter in Paul's life he has never spoken about before, in which he was bed bound for 2 years unable to communicate with the world (15:00).

From explaining how it felt to be on Alex Ferguson’s drop list (30:00), to being an ambassador for survival (47:00) and talking about the so-called footballing friends who stopped answering his calls when he retired (01:00:00), this episode is a fascinating conversation with a survivor the entire nation took into their hearts. 

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