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The Return Of Padraig Harrington - Why Is Golf An Easy Target?

June 19, 2022
Padraig Harrington comes back to Jarlath and the Irishman Abroad podcast after 6 tumultuous years to talk about alternative sports psychology, getting your mojo back, coaching your kids, farmers with messages for other golfers and of course the LIV Golf tour.
In the extended bumper cut of this episode (available via ) we get to hear the raw unfiltered opinion of one of Ireland's greatest sportsman at a time when golf's future hangs in the balance. How has the controversial Saudi backed tour strained relationships among the players? Why is the sport of golf the biggest sporting whipping boy? Is it possible that this won't be the only breakaway tour that springs up?
Jar asks Padraig if coaching our own children is a good idea in any sport and why "getting good" at whatever you're doing is not the key. Why do "funky swingers" prosper on the tour? Padraig has a few theories to say the least. After recently turning 50 we look back at the changes that have come over him in recent years and whether the burnout he experienced was at all avoidable.
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