An Irishman Abroad

Mundy: Episode 385

August 29, 2020

This week, Jarlath is joined by Mundy for a rare and fascinating conversation about his life and career. Mundy opens up about the impact that meditation has had on his music (5:00), what life was like growing up in an Offaly pub with no routine (10:00) how he tested the energy of success by being an ass (15:00) and the moment he got his big break featuring on the Baz Luhrman 'Romeo and Juliet' soundtrack (21:00).

From how parenthood made him feel low (31:00) to how he found LA overwhelming while trying to break out of Ireland (41:00), the incredible story involving a lost guitar, Joe Biden and performing for Barack Obama (43:00), his memories of supporting Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Oasis (55:00) and much more, this is a enlightening conversation with a true gent of Irish music.  

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Supplementary research provided by John Meagher.

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