An Irishman Abroad

Irishman Running Abroad - Do Muscle Soreness Creams Actually Work? (Part 1)

August 9, 2022

With a million and one muscle soreness remedies available over the counter Sonia and Jarlath go in search of the most unusual but effective recovery aids with the help of the listeners. It’s week 8 of Sonia’s half marathon training plan and time to start the taper. Captain Neil Fusco lead a gang of hardy Irishman Abroad runners around his favourite trail in Bray county Wicklow on Sunday. We check in with him and ask if lowering expectations in the lead up to a big race is healthy. This episode covers a lot. Even more if you’re a member on Patreon. We have a further 40 minutes of motivation, Craic, advice and uddermint over there. Support the show. Join up. It only takes a few seconds. 

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