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Irishman Running Abroad - Sonia’s Half Marathon Challenge Begins (Week 1)

June 22, 2022

Sonia sets out the plan for week one of her ten-week-half-marathon training block. (Full plans available to download and print in the episode notes) Why is calculating paces at the centre of this week and why do so many people struggle to accept the pace they should be running at? We get a detailed look at the theory behind the training Sonia has designed and a walk through of how to get the most out of each session, long run and rest day. With listeners taking part in the training across the world we meet the two team captains once again. Neil and Aisling dial into the live line to reveal their biggest fears heading into the ten-week-challenge. How can we hope to fit all this training into already busy lives? Let Sonia explain. Finally the Irish sports icon speaks candidly about adjusting to US humour while working at Nike’s Union Athletic Club. There’s  also a final kick montage designed to take you home and put the wind in your sales no matter how tired you might be.


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