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Irishman In America - A Sneak Preview Of The New Trump Album (Part 1)

July 29, 2022
This week we got short glimpse of what to expect from Donald Trump if he runs for office in 2024. This time it seems angrier, more out there and at its core, driven by revenge. Marion McKeone of the Sunday Business Post has been taking in the reaction to former the President's speech at the America First Policy Institute's event in Washington. There were a few notable omissions from the speech and a few moments that drew gasps.
Meanwhile Alex Jones faced the music for his grotesque treatment of the family of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre. Jones repeatedly “lied and attacked the parents of murdered children” when he told his Infowars audience that the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting was a hoax an attorney for one of the victim’s parents told a jury on Tuesday at the beginning of a trial to determine how much Jones must pay for defaming them.
We look at why Joe Mansion has suddenly rolled over and allowed President Biden to score some big legislative wins. Was he made an offer he could not refuse? Or was it something else entirely. Finally, Marion wonders if trading an arms dealer for Britney Griner (a deal that is now on the table) is a wise move or if Putin will take the chance to pants Joe Biden in front of the world.
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