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Irishman In America - Supreme Court Ruling Gives Citizens Green Light To Carry Guns

June 24, 2022

Joe Biden says yesterday's ruling ‘should trouble us all’ as the conservative Supreme Court majority struck down laws requiring ‘proper cause’ to carry guns in public. Marion unpicks what just happened and explains why these rogue judges are intent on bringing America back to the 50s. It's a bombshell piece of news that makes it hard to talk about anything else on the podcast this week but so much is happening. We take a look at the key take aways from the January 6th hearing, the imminent sentencing of Ghislaine Maxwell, Bill Cosby latest guilty verdict and why his legal team are taking it as a win. Marion even makes time to talk about Amber Heard's "dig up" method of getting out of an 8 million dollar hole and why Elon Musk is so starved for attention. Hear the entire episode - a further 30 minutes each week via Irishman Abroad Premium.

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