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Irishman In America - Who Is Cassidy Hutchinson & The Supreme Court Rampage (Part 1)

July 1, 2022

Last week seems like an eternity ago when the Supreme Court is doing everything it can to turn back the hands of time. This week award winning US correspondent Marion McKeone explains the sense of bewilderment across much of America as 6 conservative judges make their mark, one brave Republican stands up to the bullies, Ghislaine Maxwell goes down with two fingers in the air and the prospect of violence in the streets seems very real. I wonder about the absence of  "checks and balances" as the rest of the government seems out of ideas and options to reign in a court that just yesterday sets its sights on the environmental protection agency and now looks set to challenge the freedom of the press. While the January 6th committee produced its most shocking testimony to date, Marion explains who exactly Cassidy Hutchinson is and just why her stand involves so much sacrifice. In the second part of this conversation on we hear how Liz Chaney has suggested that Trump's team have tried to intimidate witnesses cooperating with the committee. Could this be the straw that breaks the orange camel's legal back? Finally Marion gives us a look inside two courtrooms. One featured Ghislaine Maxwell's grotesque attempt to reclaim the #MeToo movement for herself as she was sentenced to 20 years in prison. The other featured the disgraced pop star R Kelly who was found guilty on a further 9 counts of sexual offences and human trafficking. We definitely need something good this weekend to take our minds away from all of this for at least one hour. Marion recommends a movie from 1962 that still holds up today and I go for the superb Nate Bargatze. Have a great weekend and don't forget to get in touch with the show if you'd like to put a question to me, Sonia or Marion.
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