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Irishman Running Abroad with Sonia O’Sullivan: ”Sonia’s January Survival Guide Episode”

December 28, 2021
Encountering a rut or a lull in your motivation is normal at this time of year. How you deal with it is what counts. Sonia dials in from Australia to talk us through her key methods for preparing athletes, and people giving running a go, for the best start to the New Year. Her advice on what to do prior to making your resolutions might just save you the heartache of failing in the first few weeks of 2022. Jarlath is back in Ireland and knows a thing or two about faulty exercise promises. He quizzes Sonia on how to spot whether we are burned out or just in need of a new tangible focus. We go round the parishes of the world to see who ran what over Christmas, dip into the mailbag to find out the real danger of repetition and Sonia breaks down a marathon plan she discovered in her personal archives. Don’t miss a minute of this chat or any of our episodes by signing up to support our shows on Patreon. You’ll immediately get access to a whole range of exclusive content and detailed episode notes for each episode with Sonia.
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