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Irishman Running Abroad with Sonia O‘Sullivan: ”How To Make Running In Winter (A Bit) Easier” (Sonia Explains The Kit You Need, The Mistakes To Avoid & More)

December 7, 2021
With storm Barra bearing down on Ireland there has never been a more appropriate moment to release our long planned but never recorded episode about coping with winter conditions. The temptation to roll over in bed on a Saturday is so vast that even the great Sonia O’Sullivan admits she nearly fell foul of it this past weekend. Instead, she scrambled down to Bushy Park while Jarlath shambled to St Albans. Both got the result! Today Sonia takes us through the basics and not so basic tips and tricks to conquer any weather condition that winter can throw at you. With Catherina McKiernan on the podcast this Sunday, Sonia looks back on their relationship with each other and the media. We get a trip around the parishes, Sonia’s tip of the week, her astonishing book discovery for prolonged peak athletic performance even in old age and a look at whether we all need to dial it back 10%. Patrons get a further exclusive 30mins of content and detailed episode notes with a beginners guide to running 5K direct from Sonia herself.
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