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Irishman Running Abroad: “Sonia O’Sullivan’s Keys To Conquering Loss Of Motivation”

November 17, 2020
Some days you just don’t feel like it. That’s true of every activity including running but how can we overcome it. In this bumper episode Jarlath presents Sonia with a few of top reasons why people give up on running and asks how avoid falling into the same traps. Regardless of whether you run Sonia’s tips on goals, planning, identity and self-care will help you. She freely admits to losing her motivation regularly including in the last week.
Jarlath explains why he has suffered his most recent dip after a simple visit to the pharmacy got out of control. There’s also a deep dive into the near miraculous change in Jarlath’s pace as Sonia explains her strategy for his training. Finally the mini-controversy created by the claim that a normal person should aim to run 10K in 40 minutes brings out some fun new facts about “Normal People” and a new world record.
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