An Irishman Abroad

Irishman In America - Thanksgiving Special Episode - Optimism In America

November 25, 2022

As the States wind down for a couple of days of rest, gratitude and food appreciation, Marion reflects on the shift towards optimism in the nation on certain issues and the resignation to reality on others. With more mass shootings than days in the year 2022, how close is a ban on automatic weapons? One person who might not have the most restful Thanksgiving is Kevin McCarthy. Marion reflects on his grandstanding ways and how dumb he looks when spewing spiteful words about the undeniable imprint of Nancy Pelosi. Stupidity was the order of the day this week when the scam artist formerly known as President Trump attempted the Homer Simpson excuse for stealing confidential documents from the White House. Jarlath and Marion take a moment on this holiday to wonder if his supposedly vast support base might be beginning to fizzle now that season two of this cabaret act is looking a little predictable. Finally Marion digs into Taylor Swift's Ticketmaster debacle. Why has it taken this long for lawmaker to recognise a monopoly this obvious? Will they do anything about it or will they be bought off again by seats up front at Harry Styles.

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