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Irishman In America - Capitol Riots Public Hearings Begin…But Why?

June 10, 2022

No matter how much the tv networks hype these public hearings by the January 6th committee Marion McKeone tells us why a lot of the general public just don’t seem to care. With gas prices soaring to record highs worldwide who can blame them. What is the point of these public events? Is it to set the record straight or deal with a clear and present danger to democracy? As yet another “inside the White House” book threatens to reveal more about Jarred Kushner's swift exit, Marion asks why this book is said to be different from the others. Is it the authors Susan Glasser and Peter Baker? The one book everyone seems to want to read is Jarred's memoir “Breaking History”. Marion delves into the LA Mayoral race, the Saudi LIV golf controversy and what you should watch on Netflix this weekend.
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