An Irishman Abroad

Episode 300 (Live from the Underbelly Festival) with Laura Whitmore, Aisling Bea, Niall Breslin, Angela Scanlon, Roisin Conaty and Bronagh Waugh

June 17, 2019
The 300th episode of the series is like no other episode. The conversation between Jarlath and his six guests ranges from their most hilarious stories of feeling like a fish out of water abroad to questioning whether the changes that have taken place back home can be believed. Aisling Bea speaks for the very first time about making her new sitcom series for Channel 4 “This Way Up” (34:00). Angela Scanlon confesses to the mortifying downside of faking it until you make it (26:00). Roisín's Philomena Begley obsession is explored (24:00). Bronagh Waugh tries to unpick why Northern Ireland continues to be an after thought in Westminster (43:00). Niall Breslin takes us back to his first ever episode of Irishman Abroad and how it changed the conversations he was having with other men about mental health (14:00). Laura Whitmore tells of the most Irish reason for a first date fail (11:00) and how the up-skirting law change should provide us all with hope for other changes in society (49:00). There’s music from the superb singer song-writer Emmet O’Malley (59:00) for more see and DJ Chewy Chewerson makes a special presentation to Jarlath. (Patreon Full Length Version Only).
Huge thanks to all our guests, the staff at the Underbelly, the London Irish Centre for all their help in promoting the show (, DJ Chewy (is available for bookings) and Emmet O’Malley for his performance on the night. Deep breath. This is an epic episode and the perfect way to mark out first 300. Thank you for listening.
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