An Irishman Abroad

Blindboy Boatclub: Episode 220

December 2, 2017

Having recently embarked on his own podcasting journey, this week, the Rubberbandits artist, activist and all-round legend Blindboy Boatclub joined Jarlath to discuss his theory of podcasting (3:00), why he became disillusioned with the success of Horse Outside (6:00) and how The Rubberbandits deliberately set out to lose fans (8:00).

Jarlath talks about his fond memories of The Bandits' earliest prank phone calls before the bags went on the heads. Blindboy talks about the philosophy, logic and beauty behind keeping your face to yourself.

Blindboy opens up about his own mental health difficulties (56:00), the biggest offer The Rubberbandits ever turned down (1:06:00) and the limits of using comedy to puncture the absurdity of solemnity (43:00). Yurt!

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