An Irishman Abroad

Graham Linehan (Live At The Museum Of Comedy, London): Episode 72

January 31, 2015

Without Graham Linehan there would be no Father Ted, The IT Crowd, Black Books or Irishman Abroad podcast. Having first appeared all the way back in August 2013 in episode 1, this week he chatted with Jarlath in front of a packed Museum of Comedy in London. Download it now to hear Graham speak candidly on a variety of previously untouched topics such as the controversial cancellation of The Walshes, the U.S. problem with his work and why The Simpsons stopped being funny.


Graham also talks about the reasons behind writers procrastinating, the art of sitcom writing, his regrets regarding his approaches to the opposite sex, spotting the right actors for a role and that moment of bliss when a scene finally comes together.


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