Eamon Dunphy: Episode 142


Eamon Dunphy is one of Ireland's most prolific public commentators and sports journalists and this week he spoke frankly with Jarlath about never kissing arse in his career (25:00), the theatre of politics and how an evil Europe has decimated Ireland (1:00:00). Having moved to England to play for Manchester United at the age of 15 Eamon expresses how, at a time where he was cleaning the boots of Johnny Giles and Bobby Charlton (5:00), he still felt there was a stark contrast in the treatment of the working class in Britain compared to Ireland which he feels still exists today (14:00).


From discussions on a stubborn Jack Charlton who didn't trust talent (48:00) to venturing into strip clubs with George Best (9:00) and not being afraid to leave RTÉ (36:00) this conversation is truly a must-listen.


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