Donald McRae: Episode 147

July 9, 2016

Donald McRae is one of the most respected sports interviewers in the world. He has conducted long form intimate interviews with the biggest names in sport for the last 20 years and produced 10 award winning books on a wide range of subjects.


In this rare interview with the South African native, Donald gives a gripping account of growing up in a wealthy white family during apartheid (3:00), starting fresh in London to join NME magazine (23:00) and experiencing genuine fear while interviewing a ’deeply disturbing’ Mike Tyson (29:00).


Donald explains his intrigue with boxers and why deceit is at the heart of a fighter (0:51) while also discussing the times he has questioned whether the sport should exist (1:01:00). From calling ‘bullshit’ on Chris Gayle recently (1:16:00) to Conor McGregor's mentality (1:04:00), this a rare opportunity to get behind the scenes with one of the world's most respected sports journalists.


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