Jerry Buting and Dean Strang: Episode 159

October 1, 2016

Jerry Buting and Dean Strang are the world’s most talked about lawyers in 2016 having become household names while representing Steven Avery in Netflix’s hit series 'Making a Murderer.' This week they joined Jarlath while on tour in Ireland to give a sobering account of the truth behind a justice system in which legal blackmail (30:00) and unbelievable contradictions in trials are commonplace, and where the search for conviction dominates the search for truth (40:00).


Jerry and Dean discuss how the legal system in the United States has not moved on with the rest of the world (8:00) and how being jaded while working in the criminal justice system causes people to lose sight of defendants as human beings (22:00). This conversation naturally progresses into discussions of the Steven Avery conviction and how different things would look were the police to have handled vital evidence professionally (1:07:00) and the deeply disturbing culture of police brutality in America (1:01:00).


From Jerry’s honest account of his misjudgement which was a huge wake up call for his career (21:00), to the witness who creeped Dean out during the Avery trial (48:00), this episode is a fascinating listen. 


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