Charlie Bird: Episode 139


Former RTÉ journalist and broadcaster Charlie Bird joined Jarlath this week on the day before his wedding to discuss his fascinating career. He first started working in RTÉ as a researcher in 1974 and in the space of 6 years found himself travelling all over the world chasing the news wherever it happened to be. Charlie discusses in graphic detail the experience of reporting on the Stardust tragedy, the earthquake in Haiti, the tsunami in Sri Lanka and many other disasters. We hear how he became acclimatised to ‘the stench of death’ and unable to switch off.


Charlie also explains what life was like being the point of contact between RTÉ and the IRA, and his first realisation that the financial regulator was asleep at the wheel. And finally we hear about his most recent journey gathering stories of those touched by the Gay Marriage Referendum for his new book A Day in May - Real Lives, True Stories.

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