An Irishman Abroad

Loah: Episode 366

June 27, 2020

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This week, singer Sallay Matu Garnett ("Loah") joined Jarlath for a fascinating conversation about her life from Maynooth to Sierra Leone, the West End, New York and back to Ireland once more.

Sallay speaks about her upbringing in Ireland before moving to her father's homeland of Sierra Leone in West Africa where she spent a number of years with her family. Having spent time in both Ireland and West Africa, Sallay gives a refreshing discussion on racism and Ireland's history with it.

Sallay also discusses her incredible journey through The Artist's Way in New York that unlocked a lot for her artistically while also giving her thoughts on the danger of words and judgement on incomplete art.

From a powerful discussion on how she came to truly understand the shame and guilt experienced by victims of sexual violence to the origins of Loah, how having a hyper-sensitive personality affects her life and her battle with deciding on a career in science or in music, this is a truly enlightening discussion with one of Ireland's brightest musical talents.

To hear how Sallay suffered with imposter syndrome playing Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar in the West End, the press about her which she didn't appreciate, her challenges having co-written on one of the most recognisable songs in modern pop history, how she has been meditating from a very young age and much more, become a patron of An Irishman Abroad for just the price of a pint on You will also gain access to the entire back-catalogue of over 250 Irishman Abroad episodes that are not available on iTunes.

Supplementary research provided by John Meagher.  

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