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Irishman In America - Midterm Election Results Special Episode (Part 1)

November 11, 2022

This week Jarlath and Marion get together for a US Midterm election special. Marion talks us through election results and the relief of the red wave that didn’t happen. The Business Post Washington Correspondent calls her winner for the election as they talk through the standout candidates, from Kari Lake and Dr. Oz to Stacey Abrams and John Fetterman. On top of the election latest, Marion gives the low down on what’s in store for Trump should he run as a presidential candidate for 2024 and who he’s up against. As well as what Joe Biden’s legacy might be over the course of his presidential years and will he run again. Jarlath and Marion also further discuss the attack on Paul Pelosi, the Republican response and what the rise in political violence means for the future of America. Hear the whole conversation on 

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