An Irishman Abroad

An Irishman In America (John Lewis vs Trump And The One Way Joe Biden Can Win with Marion McKeone): Episode 375 (Trailer)

July 31, 2020

Irishman Abroad’s US correspondent Marion McKeone returns to breakdown a week of hope, loss and distraction tactics in America. Following the funeral of American civil rights activist John Lewis Marion explains his influence on American life and the stark contrast he represents  Jarlath asks about another one Donald Trump’s 'distraction' tweets and Marion explains what truth he wants us to avoid.


In light of the forthcoming predicted economic chaos, Marion outlines how the people of America seem uninformed on the plans of their President.


From the insane waiting time for COVID-19 test results to what Joe Biden could do to beat Trump in the election, America's financial gamble around a coronavirus vaccine and more, this is yet another fascinating update on American politics from the best in the business, Marion McKeone.  


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